Size solution that makes convertions

Our innovative solution with artificial intelligence helps fashion e-commerce improve the user experience, increase sales, and reduce returns.

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What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

These are some of our most outstanding features

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Product vs Product
We recommend the user's ideal size based on a photo of a garment that fits well as a reference at the time of purchase.
Create your digital wardrobe and shop with confidence in every garment and store where Fitit is integrated.

The user can access with the same photo of their favorite garment and get the recommendation of the ideal size.
Artificial Intelligence
We apply AI to know the ideal size of each user, learning based on each store and garment in which we are integrated, which makes us increasingly accurate.
Easy to integrate
Fitit integrates into any platform by copying and pasting a script.

Through an admin panel, the measurements of each product in which you want us to advise your users should be imported.

We provide personalized support and follow-up during and after integration, ensuring that it works perfectly in each brand's store.
With Fitit analytics, you can obtain unique data to better understand your customers and grow your brand.

Discover what your users are really looking for on your e-commerce. Know exactly the average size by category.

Our objetive

We help you boost your

Increase your sales and reduce your returns

Thanks to Fitit, your customers will buy with confidence since choosing their size won't be a problem. Fewer returns equal less reverse logistics expenses.

Improve the online shopping experience and retain your customers

Provide your users with a unique and exclusive online shopping experience that they will seek to repeat in your store.


Make your brand more sustainable and environmentally friendly. If your customers know their size, the return rate decreases, as well as the carbon footprint.



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